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A couple annoying, recurring issues with Android wifi hotspots

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    I’m using a Galaxy Nexus LTE (Verizon) running CM 10.1 to set up a Wifi hotspot. I’ve used it in this manner in the past and have encountered lots of buggy behavior. Namely, while I can pretty much always see and connect to the Wifi hotspot, I very frequently am unable to get an Internet connection via it. Sometimes changing the name of the hotspot fixes this, sometimes it doesn’t. Turning off security entirely seems to make it work every time, but I’d much rather have WPA2 security than an open hotspot.
    And now I’ve encountered another problem, which is that my Nook HD+ running CM10.2 can’t see the Wifi hotspot at all, whether it’s Open or secured, and adding it manually doesn’t help.
    Has anyone encountered these bugs and have any suggestions? I am using the built-in Wifi hotspot feature, by the way.

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