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Android Login Issue

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    Got new Android phone Nexus 6P. Migrated old Nexus 5 configuration (which worked with Tonido) to new phone; however Tonido would not start on new phone.Uninstalled and reinstalled new Tonido server on Windows 7 64 bit desktop. Now running v7.83.0.27601. Now, upon attempting connection via Android app on a Nexus 4 (Lollipop), Nexus 5 (Marshmallow) and Nexus 6P (Marshmallow) (all v4.0) I get the following message across all devices: “Failed to login to account using supplied credentials.” Just before this appears there is a brief flash where the software indicates it is checking for a plugin.
    Things I have tried that do not work:
    1. Changed url from te******.tonidoid-> te******.tonidoID.com
    2. Changed url from te******.tonidoid.> /te******.tonidoid.com
    3. Tried to capitalize the account name and tried it lower case.
    I have confirmed I can
    1. Login to Tonido from the desktop via the address using the subject credentials (account and password). 2. Login from another notebook running Windows 7 and a Chrome Browser to the server desktop via the address.

    Please help

    I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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    Thank you

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