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What will happen to WoW Classic this next months?

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    A few days ago Blizzard published a survey asking to the players for what they think about the future of WoW Classic and how interested they would be if certain things happened within the game. world of warcraft classic gold

    In this survey many variants are handled but the most popular of all is that which suggests a fresh start for all players in The Burning Crusade, without the possibility of transferring data from Vanilla to this new expansion.

    We will surely know more about the future of WoW Classic at BlizzCon in February, but before that happens let’s speculate a bit about what Blizzard will do with this retro version of World of Warcraft in the near future.

    What will happen to World of Warcraft Classic?

    Blizzard has a lot of options that they are probably considering right now, as it is not very clear which one would be the best received by players.

    First of all, the company could keep WoW Classic or Vanilla separate, without receiving any further updates and staying in the same state forever.

    This could be profitable for a limited time but from one moment to another the number of active players will drop because they will get bored of doing the same thing all the time. So this seems like a bad decision in the long run.

    The Burning Crusade as a standalone expansion.

    On the other hand, Blizzard could also add The Burning Crusade as a standalone expansion of WoW Classic, including all the features of this famous content.

    This decision has the advantage that WoW Classic will remain available in a kind of eternal loop for all players who want to continue enjoying that experience.

    In addition, the company could take full advantage of the content of The Burning Crusade and try to get the majority of WoW Classic players to migrate to this new stage and start from scratch.

    Of course, there will be many interested in buy wow classic gold from the beginning to recover their levels quickly after the migration, which would not be a major problem for Blizzard either.

    Merge WoW Classic and TBC.

    The last option of all is to make a kind of mix between WoW Classic and The Burning Crusade to unite everything in the same experience.

    However, this would mean the sudden disappearance of the WoW Classic that the community has been asking for in so many years, so it would not be a very easy decision to make after all the work it took to bring it back to light.

    In addition, this implies that The Burning Crusade will continue to receive more and more updates and will become more and more similar to the WoW Shadowlands that is currently triumphing on Steam. And that doesn’t suit Blizzard either.

    At the moment, we don’t know what decision the company will make regarding the future of WoW Classic, but what is clear is that things will change very soon and this will inevitably annoy some players.

    Surely, Blizzard is at this moment racking its head looking for a solution for evade anger anyone and keep its extensive player base happy, but in situations like this it is quite difficult to satisfy all parties.

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