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Why can't Android connect to corporate Wifi?

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    Procedure to connect to my company Wifi network –
    iPad: choose network, enter domain name/pwd. Done.
    – first I need to be aware of such a thing as certificates, TLS etc
    – generate a new cert using certmgr.exe and all the right options
    – export it after picking a password
    – put it on the phone, move it to the root, rename it to .p12 from .pfx
    – import it on the phone, having to add an extra password for the store as well
    – choose network, choose TLS, pick the cert you just installed
    – enter name/pwd
    That’s *three* separate passwords (the network, cert, and cert store on Android)
    Seriously? I would’ve thought this was a joke but I just had to go thru all this. And the steps are not documented at all, most of these we found by trial/error, googling etc. It really couldn’t be more complex if they tried.
    What does iOS implement (which Android lacks) that allows it to bypass all these steps?

    Please help

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    Thank you

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